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So it was really his last album.
There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.
I will miss him.

Oh 2016. You wild thing.
So much has happened this year, in the wide world and in the small and near one.

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To my all-time favorite drinks and probably stimulants belongs coffee, prepared as Caffè Lungo or Amricnao, such as prolonged espresso.

I have always bin a fan of the Liaison of hot, finely frothed milk and creamy espresso, but it was a longer trip to New York a few years ago which made me fall into deep love with coffee. Never before I had tasted such a homogeneous creaminess in caffé latte, which created a fine and velvety coffee flavor. The awakening moment hit me like lightning at La Colombe in Soho Not only was the coffee being served in beautiful black and white patterned cups, but the taste was of a particular balance between bitter notes, slight acidity and notes of nut, caramel and chocolate. I was so deeply, almost physically, impressed with this Caffe Latte, I afterwards ordered directly another cup and exactly watched the barista while taking on the finger to reveal the secret of good taste. Was it the milk (it was organic full fat milk with 3.5% fat)? Or the bean (it was ‘Nizza’)? And this second cup was just as incredible in taste that it pretty much marked my enthusiasm for topics such as ‘Microfoam’, ‚roast’ and ‚latte art’.

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