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Saffron Turmeric Latte

I am a big fan of homemade Christmas gifts, preferably edible in any form. That is why I can not withhold from you my latest discovery, which beams the loved golden milk into a completely different dimension. Because sometimes it has to be something special.

In this cold season I really like golden milk, it is so warming, calming and as proven inflammation-inhibiting. With a hint of saffron, however, it becomes a decadent delicacy, which is also pretty fine after the meal as an alternative to espresso.
For me, saffron has always had a tremendous appeal, whether it be risotto, ice cream or in cakes. I like this sweet-smelling, musty note, which lends a the precious aroma to any dish, and a touch of the orient, which the scent exudes. In addition there is a wonderful mood-lightening color, which even intensifies the warm golden color of the milk.
So time for a golden milk upgrade – why did not I get there earlier?

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Mango Kokos Chiapudding

There are things that are so delicious and simple that you can hardly believe them. This 1a Mango Chiapudding for example. Born out of a Sunday night hardship (dessert? Hm, we still have a mango …), it’s been made for weeks, always for dessert or in the afternoon, just like that. Made in no time and sensationally good. Add sugar-free, lactose-free and low histamine (more on this soon).

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1a Kitchen Fridge Pickles

For the first time of Fridge Pickles I heard on a Food Market in Brooklyn. Although one should know that American pickles taste quite different than what we know over here as pickles. Mostly these pickles are sour-salty and very refreshing. Fridge Pickles – that sounded so easy and delicious, and that is just what they are.

My Love for Pickles was sparked again last summer when Sandy served me her Pink Pickles. Actually the recipe was supposed to be published in the milk fermentation story, which we accomplished together for sisterMAG. Somehow the recipe unfortunately got lost in the email traffic, which would be a huge loss, because it is a quickly made favorite recipe which also ideally makes way as last minute gift for all sorts of occasions. Father in law’s birthday? Check. Moving Party? Check. Picknick planned or not more than bread and butter in the house? Snack Galore!

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sisterMAG 1aKItchen confituredevivre


Developing a recipe while cooking something is like writing a piece of music, only that there is no turning back. Tone to tone flavors mate to a melody, a fine combination is to be discovered through adding and you might learn something new by trying out.
If the attempt is successful there is nothing better than eating together.
However even better is to potter along with a girlfriend (or even two!), to inspire each other and in between to sip an aperitif or even some sophisticated champagne, as I have just done with my dearest friend Sandy.

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Mandeln Almonds

And suddenly summer is here, even in northern climes.
Time for fresh salads, grilled vegetables, smoothies and yogurt with fruit for breakfast. And time for my summer-secret ingredient!

I dont know what it’s all about, but almost every dish benefits of the delicate flavor of toasted almonds. Whether flaked or finely chopped is a matter of preference, toasted almonds ennoble even the most simple dish.

Quick Pasta with pesto? Check. Green salad with sweet potatoes and feta? Double check. Overnight porridge or muesli with fresh berries? Super double check. I have them frankly even on avocado bread.

I always have a large storage glass of toasted almonds, and the aroma when opening the lid is simply stunning.

Mandeln Almonds


In addition, almonds are a veritable nerve food. They contain 18-20 percent protein, have a high proportion of heart friendly, unsaturated fatty acids, a good blend of B vitamins and about 18 percent carbohydrates and fiber. According to recent studies they also protect against diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol, and magically without leading to weight gain. The bones will be strengthened, so that it´s not surprising that they are considered the ideal snack for pregnant and breast feeding women. Hildegard von Bingen already knew about the beneficial effects of almonds and recommended these in nervous system, lungs and liver trouble. Even for diabetics almonds are ideally suited due to theirs low carbohydrate content.

Almonds are unlike other nuts considered basic foods, even probiotic effects have been demonstrated by the miracle seeds. An ‘Almond diet’ of about six to fifteen a day is good for the digestive system. But attention, to actually get those great nutrients they should always be well chewed! For my Muesli I therefor prefer soaked or even sprouted almonds – they are greatly crispy and have a lot more nutrients! Because of the long soak and rinse the phytic acid content (such as in cereals, rice and legumes) is being reduced, that binds vital nutrients such as zinc and calcium, thereby blocking their absorption into the body. Therefore, many Raw Foodists basically sprout all nuts, seeds and (pseudo)grains and then dry them again, e.g. in a dehydrator. So if you like nibbling almonds or other nuts, it´s better to always have sprouted almonds in the refrigerator.

Here’s how:

Toasted flaked almonds:
Toast flaked almonds in a nonstick pan without oil. Caution, they turn brown quickly, so don´t go away and keep them in motion.
Alternatively: roast whole almonds slowly in a pan, stir several times so they do not burn. Once they have cooled, chop with a straight blade.

Sprouted Almonds:
Cover a handful of organic almonds thoroughly with water and let soak overnight. The next day, rinse and use or swell for a few days more (remember to rinse daily), until small white seed tips show. Reminder: only whole, undamaged almonds are viable.

And one more tip: Incidentally, I have all year round always almonds as a snack in my purse – there is nothing better when hunger hits and you are on the run.

Mandeln Almonds

Mandeln Almonds

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