Pink Fridge Pickles

1a Kitchen Fridge Pickles

For the first time of Fridge Pickles I heard on a Food Market in Brooklyn. Although one should know that American pickles taste quite different than what we know over here as pickles. Mostly these pickles are sour-salty and very refreshing. Fridge Pickles – that sounded so easy and delicious, and that is just what they are.

My Love for Pickles was sparked again last summer when Sandy served me her Pink Pickles. Actually the recipe was supposed to be published in the milk fermentation story, which we accomplished together for sisterMAG. Somehow the recipe unfortunately got lost in the email traffic, which would be a huge loss, because it is a quickly made favorite recipe which also ideally makes way as last minute gift for all sorts of occasions. Father in law’s birthday? Check. Moving Party? Check. Picknick planned or not more than bread and butter in the house? Snack Galore!
Although Fridge Pickles are not fermented, they still beat everything that is to sour pickles, onion and Co. on the market. But fermented pickles also need 4 weeks to 4 months, so we delay this until after Easter.

Given this delicacy does not cost much money. You need clean canning jars, root vegetables in all colors (carrots, radishes, turnip, beet), apple cider vinegar, a little raw cane sugar or if you prefer maple syrup and spices. Made the evening before and stored in the refrigerator until the next day they are already colored charmingly in rosé and thus ready for consumption, but they taste even better but after 48 hours. You can very well make them ahead since they remain quite crisp in the fridge – I can, however, report a maximum of three weeks, then they were gone, but I’m sure they keep much longer in the fridge. Regarding the spices you can experiment on your mood, fresh ginger does well or chillies, pepper in contrast doesn’t give enough flavor in my experience. In principle, anything that you like biting on goes well.

The best thing is that you can easily fill up the emptied jar with veggies again. Simply heat up the left over pickling liquid, bring to a boil and pour over the freshly cut vegetables. Especially on account of the good maple syrup it would be a shame other wise. If some liquid is missing, just add some apple cider vinegar.

Happy Fridge Pickling!

1a Kitchen Fridge Pickles

1a Kitchen Fridge Pickles

Pink Fridge Pickles
Inspired by Sandy by Confiture de Vivre

for 2 large jars

_ 1 bunch pink radishes
_ a handful of colorful carrots
_ 2 yellow or red beet or turnip
_ 3 small red onions or shallots
_ 1-2 cloves garlic
_ 250 ml water
_ 250 ml apple cider vinegar
_ 60 g cane sugar or maple syrup (if you like can also take honey)
_ 2 bay leaves
_ 1 tablespoon coriander seeds and yellow mustard seeds

_ wash radishes and cut off green (when it is fresh, cut into small pieces and put into glass), and cut into quarters.
_ cut onions in narrow wedges, cut garlic into thin slices.
_ Peel root vegetables and cut partly in long sticks, partly sliced.
_ Heat up water with apple cider vinegar and sweetener to a boil.
_ In the Jar first put spices and then layer with the vegetables and pour the hot brew over.
_ Seal jars, allow to cool and infuse for at least 24 hours in the refrigerator.


1a Kitchen Fridge Pickles

1a Kitchen Fridge Pickles

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