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Rosensalz 1a Kitchen


“Friendship is the salt of life.”

This summer, I learned something big about friendship: that after courage (often) something very beautiful follows. And because I know that sometimes it takes an impulse from the outside, and I’ve experienced it as something so important and warming, I would like to promote this kind of courage to jump over-the-own-shadow.
In the end, the moments we can share with friends (… and with the loved ones and la famille), with people who know us – and who we know – since a long time are so beautiful and important. So if there is someone you would like to contact again since a long time: just do it. Do it! It may be that you both end up after 5, 10, 15 years and not even know where they went.

And then you may have a toast with rosé, or with rosy salt on buttered bread.
For as friendships are the salt of life, the salt is the best friend of vegetables.
Or pasta.

Or buttered bread.


Rosensalz 1a Kitchen


From Tanja Grandits, I have learned, that monochrome tastes harmonize well with each other. So here comes my favorite recipe for late-summer rose salt. A touch of raspberry and hibiscus meets rose petals, sea salt, and two kind of peppers. The fruity citrus Szechuan pepper brings the sharpness, the small long pepper is its chocolate counterpart. If you can not find a Szechuan pepper, take paradise grains, which give the whole thing a fine ginger note. You can also use black (Telicherry) pepper, but I recommend the mix of two types of peppers to balance the aroma. If you like it even fruitier, you can simply increase the proportion of raspberry powder and hibiscus blossoms (but beware, raspberry powder is something more precious).

Rosensalz 1a Kitchen


1a Rose Salt

For about 300g salt (to make some good friends happy):

_ 200g natural Sea salt or stone salt
_ 40g dried rose petals
_ 20g raspberry powder or dried raspberries (also cranberry powder is a good alternative)
_ 20g Hibiscus flowers
_ 20g Szechuan pepper
_ 20g small long pepper (stick pepper)

How to:
_ In a small kitchen mixer (I use for all of my spice mixes a discarded coffee mill with electric blades) seperately grind all the ingredients as fine as desired .
_ Mix all the ingredients well (beware of sneezing), taste.
_ Fill into small screw jars.

On friendship.

_ Raspberry powder*
_ Hibiscus blossoms*
_ Small long pepper*
_ Szechuan Pepper*
A similar coffee grinder* as mine
_ jars with golden lids*

And because friendships, which I have made here and on Instagram belong to my most beautiful experiences with this Internet, I’m giving away a jar of Rosensalz – Rose Salt. If you want to get mail, just leave me a comment until the 27th of August at 23h59. If you like, let me know me when lately a friendship has surprised and delighted you. Shipping to any country in the world.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

U P D A T E 8/21/2017
Well, I missed something here, obviously. Of course the winner gets  T W O  salts, to give one away to her/his bestie!

U P D A T E 8/28/2017
WINNER IS COMMENT NUMBER 1 – Tine! Congrats and enjoy the salt with your sister! <3


ps: *affiliate links: If you buy something I’ll get a small provision and will probably buy another cook book.

Rosensalz 1a Kitchen

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