Wednesday Trick #6

Wednesday trick #6

Whether pure, with lemon juice and salt or ketchup, in a salad or on bread – we have a great love for avocados. The large green fruits comfort in winter over the fact that except kale there is nothing really different green and in season.

But sometimes it is not so easy to get the brown pit out of a fruit half. This trick can help:

_ By using a knife that fits comfortably in the hand, start to slightly carve the pit and keep you knife there
_ Loosen the pit by a slight rotation
_ Carefully remove the core from knive (Caution: Danger of injury!)
_ Voilà!

Tip: it is enough, to only slightly put the knife to the pit, but then to turn at a controlled pressure. If you cut too deep, you can not get the pit off the knife. If you cut too little, the pit does not rotate with the knive. For better protection, you can protect both hands with a dish towel.

Pssst..! Very soon there will be a little special to this wonderful fruit, which I have struck together with two great food bloggers. Stay tuned!

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