Golden Turmeric Citrus Salt

Zitrussalz Kurkuma Turmeric Citrus Salt

Obviously we are in the midst of citrus season. If you are quick and able to get a last of the special Cedri Lemon, then you should try this salad with pine nuts and mint.
As long as I can remember, the fresh aromas of citrus fruits to me are the most beautiful. No wonder as at the transition from the cold winter to a tender spring they hint towards sun-drenched citrus slopes in southern climes. And did you know that the yellow color of lemons is thanks to the night frost, and has nothing to do with the maturity?

If you are a frequent reader of this blog you might know that I fall for a good salt. In our house, ordinary refined (iodine) salt is actually only used for cleaning or for the insulation of the ice cream maker. Natural salt, however, can be found here in the kitchen and on the dining table equal used in small cans and bowls, whether virgin salt, the light blue Persian salt, sweet and salty Atlas salt, brand new excitingly black Hawaii salt or the wonderful salmon-colored Murray River fingers salt. All of these salts are of quite a different color, crystal structure and taste. Natural salts provide the body with essential minerals and micronutrients, and taste many times less salty than commercially produced salt. This is often treated with anti-caking agents and other additives to make it storable – the substances which are so important for the body are, however, withdrawn from it. So it really pays off to use a natural salt.

Zitrussalz Kurkuma Turmeric Citrus Salt

In pasta water f.e., I use simple ground rock salt that the health food store carries in larger packaging, and this salt also provides the basis for today’s recipe. Forming a very wonderful seasoning salt can be mixed with spices and flavors. I’m generally a fan of cooking with only a few ingredients and pure flavors, but the right spice mixtures are sometimes exactly what a simple dish conjures a eureka moment in the twinkling of an eye. Especially when I do not have much time to cook or hunger is too big, such fine seasoning can literally save me, as the missing bit to the soup as well as with roasted vegetables or boiled potatoes.

So here comes the recipe for a 1a fine citrus salt with turmeric. About Turmeric I wrote here once more. If you want to use its bioavailability, you should also use some black pepper with it.
However, fresh rosemary and thyme are often uses herbs in my kitchen, so this Spice Salt combines everything that mentally reminds you of summer and sun. It therefore goes well with vegetables as also with fish, pasta or (Sweet) Potatoes, and even a ripe mango will be happy to be supplemented by a pinch of this mix to create a flavor firework, with a pinch of chili.

Zitrussalz Kurkuma Turmeric Citrus Salt

By the way, this salt is also a wonderful gift from the kitchen, so it pays to produce a larger amount. For preparation a disused spice mill or a small chopper / food processor is recommended. I use whenever I need to crush spices and herbs in large quantities, a small electric coffee grinder from the flea market that I only use for this purpose. That works really great.
And the juice of the fruit makes for a wonderful lemonade! Now spring may come!

Zitrussalz Kurkuma Turmeric Citrus Salt

Turmeric Citrus salt, inspired by this recipe

Recipe for 200g

_ 4 organic oranges
_ 4 organic lemons
_ 200g rock salt or other natural salt
_ 1 sprig rosemary or to taste
_ 1 sprig of thyme or to taste
_ 1-2 tsp turmeric, ground

_ Wash and dry the Citrus fruit, then remove the zest with a fine grater. Beware, only remove the colored layer, the white meat contains really strong bitters.
_ Strip off the leaves/needles of the herbs.
_ In a food processor or a disused coffee / spice grinder now in portions pulse the herbs, add spoonfuls of salt and mix it by pulsing some more.
_ Follow the same process with the citrus peels, portions with salt, turmeric, pulse again and mix all in one bowl.
_ Taste the salt mix: is there some herb missing? Turmeric? Season to taste and simply fill into small glasses. Give one to your best friend or your mother (in-law).

Have fun and enjoy!


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