1a Kitchen Tunes #1 – Beet Mix

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Sound and Savor are probably my two greatest loves.
For the longest time I wanted to share my favorite songs here with you, since there were times in my life where in the kitchen needed to be special audio boxes to be able to listen zu music at all times.
Cooking with the voice of Paolo Conte in the ear gets an instant ease, the knife cuts in rhythm, the body sways, the risotto (or champagne glass) is bubbling – and when the record is through, then the food is ready.

Even as a child when falling asleep  I listened to flamenco concert sounds in the pub below us, mixed with the voices of the guests a bubbling, soft Sound potpourri landed at my pillow that was always somehow soothing. I remember the time after graduation, on balmy evenings, as all summer long they are in the south, seductively fragrant, with friends and a lot of cheap wine (because we did not know better), and the sound of Dean Martin (because we were young and the nights endless). At the one-hour ride in my red old, beloved 2CV into Mecca of the legendary ‘Root Down’ Parties of Rainer Trüby, which took place once a month. I had no idea of electronic music, but this music, I knew, was good. Once I bought a mix from a woman who played music there, a cassette tape. It did not have a playlist, not even a real title written on it. It had one song that I listened to in the coming years in the 2CV on the road to Freiburg about probably 100,000 times. It was right at the beginning of the mix, and when it played for the second time, because the tape was over, I always knew that soonI would be at home in my warm bed. Just recently I heard this song again, whose name I never found out, and felt set back by 15 years. It is this magic, with our memory linking to the senses, that never ceases to amaze me. A smell, taste or sound, can open up a whole world of feeling and images. Just like the record solo piano, which for me will be linked forever with the evenings my semester abroad in Barcelona. With the balmy breeze that moved through the apartment, when we tried to pass the heat of the day on to the night. The hammock in the kitchen, bare feet on cold stone floor, the view from the balcony to the city and the sea. Listening to music has always been a feeling of presence and a being here and now.
Only later, much later, listening music became making music. And from the music making I got to deejaying music. It is, just as food and taste, a matter to move people, touch them and be good to them – which is what I love so much about it.

Thus is has been and is all the more important and that I can share my favorite 1a music with you here.
But by a debate on the Blogst Conference in Hamburg in 2012 I realized that sharing of music, whether purchased or not, in the www is difficult, and the legal debate about it another level of complexity. It seemed somehow impossible to legally share music whose copyright you don´own.
All the more pleased I was when I recently came across the music platform Mixcloud where music mixes, radio shows and podcasts can be free and legally uploaded and shared.

So a very warm Welcome to 1a Kitchen Tunes Channel!

As a first mix I have unearthed a somewhat older house music recording, nicely suitable for snipping, cake dough mixing, toe-tapping or cleaning windows when the sun is shining.

I hope you like it.
Enjoy! ***

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