1a tunes

No matter if you are expecting guests and are in the midst of a houseshining, want to slow dance later this night around the kitchen tabel or if you rather spend those days between years with a cordless screwdriver, like I do.
Maybe this music mix is a nice company.

Happy new year, let it glitter!

Kindest, Anni


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1a Tunes


Sound and Savor are probably my two greatest loves.
For the longest time I wanted to share my favorite songs here with you, since there were times in my life where in the kitchen needed to be special audio boxes to be able to listen zu music at all times.
Cooking with the voice of Paolo Conte in the ear gets an instant ease, the knife cuts in rhythm, the body sways, the risotto (or champagne glass) is bubbling – and when the record is through, then the food is ready.

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