My name is Anni, a thirty-something, a Southern soul living in the North of Germany. Married to a cowboy who measures all desserts to the perfection of vanilla custard. I’m a sucker for culinary delights, regional cuisine specialties, simple tricks and good products. I study cook books before going asleep (but only the pretty ones), yet never follow a recipe – and am truly convinced that baking is therapeutic. After a bad day nothing  reconciles more than the touching and kneading of bread dough (and sharing the fragrant, still hot bread, spread with cultured butter, melting) or the aroma of freshly ground lemon peel… In fact, the beauty of cooking and baking not only nourishes us, but also soothes, stimulates and satisfies.
Yet even the simplest food is so much more than food – and the uber wonderful: it’s so easy to share! And sharing a meal makes any meal even better.

Cooking and Eating is also a journey to me. The more I spend time with it, the more I feel intrigued by how it effects our health, our body feeling and wellbeing. I’m interested in the relation between culinary taste and emotion, as I sense a huge energy resource and because I’m perplexed by the connection between smell/taste and memory. At the same time I’m fascinated by metabolism itself, how the microbiome works, and what exactly happens, pragmatically, with what we eat. Recently I changed my diet for health reasons and gave up sugar, grains and most dairy. I’d love to share the recipes that came out of that in the near future.

I also want to share all the tricks that I’ve encountered in the search for specific questions, techniques or tools, and which comfort or simplify the work in the kitchen.

“1a” is an old-fashioned German term for something that is of highest quality.
In this sense you can find here kitchen love galore, whether it might be a recipe, an appliance, a song for cooking or a super trick, just everything that is “1a” and enriches (kitchen) life – Share the love!