Do you also like to gift advent calendars? Of course DIY is the most beautiful. If you cannot do that – I’ve picked out my culinary favorites from small producers. This year I have given away the home-made ‘Fresh from the farm’, for which you can choose from all sorts of home made mustard, salt mixtures, spreads, honeys and vinegars. I am already looking forward to this coffee calendar with 24 different single origin beans, which we have ordered for ourselves. Btw if you order by Monday, November 27th, then it will arrive on time for December 1st!

If you are still looking for sustainable gift inspiration for Christmas, then I have something for you.

Discovered via Instagram: the action #shopsmallandhappy by Renna Deluxe. Through the hashtag you can find small producers and labels that mostly design and produce in Germany far away from the mainstream. I immediately discovered a handful of labels that I did not know yet.

My highlights:

_ Tile stickers in terrazzo or with fish.

_ Upcycling deluxe. Wool clothes for babies from second-hand wool sweaters.

_ Beautiful handmade ceramics from Hamburg.

_ Seagrass and rattan furniture with full price transparency.

_ Beautiful stationery and again nice stationery

_ These lampshades!

From the USA, I have brought you the following Coomunity book projects, which have a great purpose as well as great recipes.

The #plasticfreefoodie eZine (Vol 1 – 2017) with 80 vegan recipes (without resorting to the ingredients on plastic packaging) from over 60 inspiring foodies, zero-waste activists, and great marine photographers. All proceeds go to foundations for the conservation of the oceans. Other formats available here.

And a feminist cookbook by wonderful women: ‘Cooking up Trouble – Recipes to Nourish Women’, which has recently been available again. It is beautifully photographed and I’m really looking forward to mine. The proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.

Without many words I recommend these new cookbooks (a longer post follows):

Everything Alison Roman does is just great. Everything my girlfriend Veronika does, too. And thank God my new favorite restaurant has just released a cookbook (unfortunately so far only available in the US, so order fast!).

(* these links are affiliate links, if you buy something about it, I’ll get a mini-commission and I’ll probably buy a cookbook from it.) Better for the rest of the world, is of course, the bookstore around the corner.


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Rosensalz 1a Kitchen


“Friendship is the salt of life.”

This summer, I learned something big about friendship: that after courage (often) something very beautiful follows. And because I know that sometimes it takes an impulse from the outside, and I’ve experienced it as something so important and warming, I would like to promote this kind of courage to jump over-the-own-shadow.
In the end, the moments we can share with friends (… and with the loved ones and la famille), with people who know us – and who we know – since a long time are so beautiful and important. So if there is someone you would like to contact again since a long time: just do it. Do it! It may be that you both end up after 5, 10, 15 years and not even know where they went.

And then you may have a toast with rosé, or with rosy salt on buttered bread.
For as friendships are the salt of life, the salt is the best friend of vegetables.
Or pasta.

Or buttered bread.


Rosensalz 1a Kitchen


From Tanja Grandits, I have learned, that monochrome tastes harmonize well with each other. So here comes my favorite recipe for late-summer rose salt. A touch of raspberry and hibiscus meets rose petals, sea salt, and two kind of peppers. The fruity citrus Szechuan pepper brings the sharpness, the small long pepper is its chocolate counterpart. If you can not find a Szechuan pepper, take paradise grains, which give the whole thing a fine ginger note. You can also use black (Telicherry) pepper, but I recommend the mix of two types of peppers to balance the aroma. If you like it even fruitier, you can simply increase the proportion of raspberry powder and hibiscus blossoms (but beware, raspberry powder is something more precious).

Rosensalz 1a Kitchen


1a Rose Salt

For about 300g salt (to make some good friends happy):

_ 200g natural Sea salt or stone salt
_ 40g dried rose petals
_ 20g raspberry powder or dried raspberries (also cranberry powder is a good alternative)
_ 20g Hibiscus flowers
_ 20g Szechuan pepper
_ 20g small long pepper (stick pepper)

How to:
_ In a small kitchen mixer (I use for all of my spice mixes a discarded coffee mill with electric blades) seperately grind all the ingredients as fine as desired .
_ Mix all the ingredients well (beware of sneezing), taste.
_ Fill into small screw jars.

On friendship.

_ Raspberry powder*
_ Hibiscus blossoms*
_ Small long pepper*
_ Szechuan Pepper*
A similar coffee grinder* as mine
_ jars with golden lids*

And because friendships, which I have made here and on Instagram belong to my most beautiful experiences with this Internet, I’m giving away a jar of Rosensalz – Rose Salt. If you want to get mail, just leave me a comment until the 27th of August at 23h59. If you like, let me know me when lately a friendship has surprised and delighted you. Shipping to any country in the world.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

U P D A T E 8/21/2017
Well, I missed something here, obviously. Of course the winner gets  T W O  salts, to give one away to her/his bestie!

U P D A T E 8/28/2017
WINNER IS COMMENT NUMBER 1 – Tine! Congrats and enjoy the salt with your sister! <3


ps: *affiliate links: If you buy something I’ll get a small provision and will probably buy another cook book.

Rosensalz 1a Kitchen

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Life has happened quite a lot, lately.
Travel, ideas, health, food, reorientation, reading, experiments, lots of conversations about taste and emotion, and finally two moves (one with the sweetheart and one in the commuting town).
And because I also encounter so much goodness in real life and in my work afar from recipes but in regard to cooking and eating, I have been thinking for some time how I can let more of it flow in here. And I do have an idea about this, more on that very soon.

Well, but first a few nice things because August it is, or because it sometimes even feels a little like summer up in the German North, and, because:
Do you already know the dancing farmer? Alone the video is great, but then Jay Lavery has a permaculture farm, too, a lovely Facebook page and has been on the Ellen show (best to watch the video on his FB site, on Youtube the song had to be removed for copyright reasons.)
And here is more mad dancing.
Also beautiful, but quite differently beautiful, actually informative (and very funny) are Aljoscha and Gordon. Only in German though.

Due to the move I am a new and proud, sunsheltered balcony farmer. In this context, I once again noticed how great this tea herb is. It is an Agastache, and Agastaches are anyway great, attract many bees and smell celestial. But the Anis-Hyssop is just something special. And folks who are looking for more herbs in Germany: Rühlemanns is a hit and the delivery time is currently only one week.

After the planting work I now drink only Frosé. Not heard yet? For me, without sugar, and if I really need it fast, I simply put two ice cubes into my wine. Tasty, too.

I’m probably the last one in the line, but the commuting has brought me on to podcasts:
My favorites are: Radio Cherry Bomb, Gastropod and The Sporkful.

And, I’m sure I have mentioned it before, but if you are in Brighton, please go to silo and order the Dea Buckthorn-Brown Butter Mousse-Pine oil-cookie dust dessert. Or better two (this has been tested for you). It is so delicious, I dream about it. Silo is worth a trip anyway, because it is a Zero Waste Restaurant and incredibly inspiring. And if we are already in England: In London, I strongly recommend you this place and this place and this one, too.

Attention, beauty stuff now. Of fresh cosmetics I had read before, alone the idea of the mixing of the creams, which for me rather had a resemblance of cooking. Then last year I was lucky to meet with a wonderful beautician who brought back the condition of my skin to my long-term use of natural cosmetics with essential oils and alcohol (which are also used as a preservative), and used Rosel Heim‘s products. The anamnesis with her lasted nearly two hours and was, surprisingly, a lot about diet and gut health. My curiosity of really understanding how our skin works, was excited. This German book* I found very informative. And the products of Rosel Heim which at first have deterred me by the fragrances, are so convincing in their effect for me that I have not used anything else for a year. Except for the Ringana tooth oil, of course. Oil pulling I already find quite wonderful, but with the fresh aromatic tooth oil it is the best start in the day.

Also, let’s talk deodorants. I have tested a lot of different aluminum free ones in recent years and can recommend two from my heart, which could not be more different in their presentation, and also by price. This one is really pretty and smells wonderful, but a little better working I find this one here. There is no white film on the skin, if you take very little of it and it works really great. In the U.S. I always get this one*.

A project I have supported on kickstarter, because it is a really nice design work on the future of butchering, is this book. The poster, isn’t that great?

Movings are always new beginnings (and deep shopping grounds, but we get to that later). And of course you ask yourself, is the new place a good one. Will we feel comfortable, how loud is the traffic noise, where falls the sunlight…. A very entertaining way of seeing what the stars say was sent to me by a girlfriend. We already logged in all the places that occurred to us, and, lo and behold, the new apartment is good for ideas-forging.

And apropos streets. According to Nasa, these plants are the best to filter toxins out of the room air. Great right? I’m probably also really late with the indoor plant love, but Urban Jungle, now I get you.

New in my 1a dream kitchen is also this helper (even twice), because there are just too many fruit flies this year, which can not be satisfactorily met even with tried and tested our old-fashioned household tricks. And, the kitchen. It cost me the last sleep, because so many technical decisions were necessary and I’m relatively free of talent in home crafts and technical questions, but hey, now I know a lot about low-pressure fittings. And about gas cookers that make sense (many of them don’t). And also about Ikea drawers. Until my divine kitchen is finished and I can show you more of it, I am glad that at least the espresso machine is standing and I’m really looking forward to the new coffee Lilou is going to have in their program soon, because I have had the chance to try it.

Much more talented in DIY is Fynn, by the way.

Have fun and talk soon.



* These marked links are affiliate links. If you buy something via them, I get a mini provision and will very likely buy cookbooks.


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No matter if you are expecting guests and are in the midst of a houseshining, want to slow dance later this night around the kitchen tabel or if you rather spend those days between years with a cordless screwdriver, like I do.
Maybe this music mix is a nice company.

Happy new year, let it glitter!

Kindest, Anni


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Actually, I wanted to be in good time before Christmas Eve to inspire you for Christmas gifts once again 1st with these fine bio-spices to self-mix (such fun!), 2nd my favorite knife, 3rd these fine cold-pressed oils (I say only apricot kernels, white poppy, hazelnut …) 4th this extremely delicious alternative to espresso or you could 5th place the most delicious natural citrus fruits from here under the tree. Of course 6th the wonderful healing broth book, since which arrival always a large pot is bubbling on my stove,  7th the awesome (I finally yesterday held it in my hand) healthy baking book of my dearest friend Veronika, 8th this beautifully illustrated first cookbook by Apartamento, in which cooks and foodies were asked for their favorite recipes, and 9th this book, discovered via always inspiring Frl Text, with drawings (!) by chef Ferran Adria. And certainly 10. this record of a band, which I discovered way too late.
I would have loved to, really. Alone, there was a move in between and the xtimes virus infection of this year.

But pssst… 10th: If you have ordered and paid at CoffeeCircle at the latest by Thursday, 22nd of December at 2 pm, you can still have a coffee package on Christmas eve (you MUST taste the Yirga Santos!).

And whoever is late or loves to create oneself:
For golden milk lovers is 11th this golden mixture is surely a great thing, I myself am going to make a huge stock of Number 12th this aromatic (in just 10 minutes made!) citrus salt and can only recommend to you doing the same. So delicious!!

And while doing let’s listen to 13th the new Xmas Mix by Nils Frahm, one of many inpirations I found via dear Stephanie.
Good, no?

Have it fine & relaxed and do yourself a lot of good.

Merry Christmas!***
warm wishes from Anni

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