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Here comes the list for quite practical things to do for body, mind and soul. May it inspire you!

Gua Sha.
Ayurveda to TCM is not far away. I do not remember what I did before this Chinese Gua Sha massage in the morning. My beautiful green jade comes with me on every journey, I’m addicted! I moisten my face with cold water, apply some moisturizer and, if necessary, a splash of squalane oil and use the stone, as explained in this wonderful video. It’s a big hit for neck and jaw tension. And beyond that a wonderful present for girlfriends!

What Yoga hasn’t done for me, Pilates has accomplished: change my body posture and release me from my ever-increasing back pain. Suggested by a new friend I met at the Ayurveda Cure who introduced me to a very different picture of Pilates – not the aerobic gym version that floated in the back of my mind, but a deeply precise, gentle and effective body training that roots in a strong center of the body. Since then, I have been taking private lessons that have changed my life. No exaggeration.
In the first lesson, it was about something as simple as: breathing.

Speaking of breathing, this little app visualizes various breathing techniques. Scientifically based, minimalistically designed, recommended!

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ayurveda cure

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It all started when I did an Ayurveda cure in spring.
The treatment was kind of a Body Reboot, in which I gave my body an attention like never before. I got massages and treatments, looked a lot at the sea many times a day and did a lot of not-doing.
Every day I had an appointment before breakfast with the Indian doctor, who in loose jeans and sneakers inquired after my well-being, body symptoms and my mood. He pushed a small glass of liquid ghee over and measured my blood pressure. For him, I noticed immediately, it was the most common thing that body, mind and feelings belong together and you basically just had to listen to what the body was trying to tell you.
He wanted to know how I felt after the massage treatments, what made me hungry, how my sleep, my digestion, and what my mood was.

I have taken a lot of practical out of this cure, very simple things like: no more (fridge) to eat cold and more time for daily body rituals. Fine to perceive how I feel after dinner. To drink more water (1 liter before the first coffee) and that tea from whole spices such as coriander seeds or cumin tastes great. To go to bed earlier.
But it is the Ayurvedic teachings as a whole that have deeply impressed me – in their logic (“it’s all connected”), their approach (“you are what you can digest”) and their simplicity (“you need to love your body “).


What sounded so simple echoed in me for a long time and I began to suspect that there was still room for me to move up. I paid more attention than ever to what I put into my body and skin. And above all, I began to consciously perceive my own looking at myself in the mirror and what thoughts about myself and about others I gave room.

From then on things literally flew to me.

I suddenly noticed how many women casually comment on social media that they hate their body or parts of their body (they really wrote hate!!).
It was and is heartbreaking for me how “normal” this rejection of one’s own body is. And above all, it makes clear that women are confronted with a perpetual social ideal of beauty, which is generated by abstruse, unreal superficialities, and in which, as a rule, all women can only lose. I was surprised that even women whom I (in real life) had always perceived as beautiful, self-assured and successful women joined this canon. And then I realized, the “problem” was even more serious and much more destructively socially anchored than I thought. Because beauty is too often equated with an outward normative look, and too little with what it feels like.

My mind was circling in my head. Because there is so much to think about, so much to say about love and caring for your own body. About how women look at themselves, as in “honest and genuine”. About which image of the “I”  day by day floats through ones own mind, and is sadly reflected and confirmed on the outside.

There was and remains only one thing: stop it.

Stop hating the “I”, crunching your own body and your own behavior.
Stop with this socially accepted view of your own inadequacy.
Stop making one’s own well-being dependent on anyone out there.

And start to be mild.
Start really looking, at the bathroom mirror as in social interaction.
Making it clear that the claim to look or be a woman, one way or the other, comes from a social norm that does not equate women.
Understanding that looking at oneself has something to do with looking at others.
Begin to wonder about this wonderful body and what it can do.
Opning up to admiration, appreciation, caring for your own body.

Strengthening this miracle – a body made to use, to understand, and experience the world through it. That can give life, and is being changed by life.

So simple, so hard.

That’s why I started looking for voices that I consider self-empowering and that I like listening to because they make me think.

What I found are incredibly smart women who think about the difference between looks and inner feelings. 
Who show themselves as who they are, beautiful and incomparable. Women who enlighten and stand up for an independent relationship to the body and to beauty.

This story about the model Lauren Wasser, who lost her legs due to a TSS infection triggered by a tampon. Something I had read about before only in the leaflet of the tampon packaging.

And this documentary by Taryn Brumfitt on body ideals and her great way to a happy self that feels good.

Lena Dunham posts on Instagram about it.

“You have the right to remain fat”. Stumbled upon it on Instagram, landed at the author Virgie Tovar. Here is an excerpt from her book.

Body positivity. Melanie-Jasmin Jeskes Instagram channel Melody Michelberger is to be recommended anyway, for women from young to old, for men – oh, just for everyone. Nobody poses as bold and elegant in a bikini or underwear on the roof, in the garden or in the apartment. In addition, she has founded Trust the Girls and owns probably the most beautiful dress collection in the world.

Berit also writes on Instagram about such essential things as: showing legs. You cannot say it better than her: “Summer is for everyone!”.

Teresa Bücker, Editor-in-Chief of Edition F, not only tweets incredibly smart and funny, but also posted a pretty cool list of books on constructions of feminism, beauty and love. Bookmarked!

Last but not least. This new podcast by Allison Behringer, which is actually more an audio documentary or radio play, is a real gem. I devoured all the episodes produced so far and can say that the episodes are getting better and better!

And because reading and listening are great, but doing is, too, there will soon be a personal list with practical ideas for Body Love.
Enjoy browsing!

And please let et me know who you think is inspiring, too!
I’m glad to hear from you.


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Do you also like to gift advent calendars? Of course DIY is the most beautiful. If you cannot do that – I’ve picked out my culinary favorites from small producers. This year I have given away the home-made ‘Fresh from the farm’, for which you can choose from all sorts of home made mustard, salt mixtures, spreads, honeys and vinegars. I am already looking forward to this coffee calendar with 24 different single origin beans, which we have ordered for ourselves. Btw if you order by Monday, November 27th, then it will arrive on time for December 1st!

If you are still looking for sustainable gift inspiration for Christmas, then I have something for you.

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Life has happened quite a lot, lately.
Travel, ideas, health, food, reorientation, reading, experiments, lots of conversations about taste and emotion, and finally two moves (one with the sweetheart and one in the commuting town).
And because I also encounter so much goodness in real life and in my work afar from recipes but in regard to cooking and eating, I have been thinking for some time how I can let more of it flow in here. And I do have an idea about this, more on that very soon.

Well, but first a few nice things because August it is, or because it sometimes even feels a little like summer up in the German North, and, because:
Do you already know the dancing farmer? Alone the video is great, but then Jay Lavery has a permaculture farm, too, a lovely Facebook page and has been on the Ellen show (best to watch the video on his FB site, on Youtube the song had to be removed for copyright reasons.)

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Actually, I wanted to be in good time before Christmas Eve to inspire you for Christmas gifts once again 1st with these fine bio-spices to self-mix (such fun!), 2nd my favorite knife, 3rd these fine cold-pressed oils (I say only apricot kernels, white poppy, hazelnut …) 4th this extremely delicious alternative to espresso or you could 5th place the most delicious natural citrus fruits from here under the tree. Of course 6th the wonderful healing broth book, since which arrival always a large pot is bubbling on my stove,  7th the awesome (I finally yesterday held it in my hand) healthy baking book of my dearest friend Veronika, 8th this beautifully illustrated first cookbook by Apartamento, in which cooks and foodies were asked for their favorite recipes, and 9th this book, discovered via always inspiring Frl Text, with drawings (!) by chef Ferran Adria. And certainly 10. this record of a band, which I discovered way too late.
I would have loved to, really. Alone, there was a move in between and the xtimes virus infection of this year.

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