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A friend recently asked me for a culinary tip for a special birthday present for her boyfriend. At first, I found it rather difficult because I do not know her boyfriend yet.
But then I thought about what I love.
And I thought, maybe there is something for you?

Here are my current favorite products:

  • This unsulfured Brut Nature impressed me very much (almost no sugar!) And now I do not want to drink sparkling wine with residual sugar again. Ever.
  • Everything from Olaf Schnelle. Ferments or sauces. Apropos: this is a very nice (german) interview, that the great Nicole Klauss has just done with him.
  • Miso from the Black Forest. There are some of rice, soy or lupine, and many more flavored. Great too: freeze-dried as a powder! Sensational on steamed vegetables, fish or meat. For Berliners, however, their way should lead to Mimi Ferments.
  • The Flavor Sprays by Mandy Aftel. I have saffron and it is divine. Black pepper is also amazing, which tastes of pepper without any spiciness. The sprays are just superbe on ice cream or a cocktail. Or actually anywhere.
  • Rasa Coffee. Adaptogenic Super stuff. Unfortunately not available in Germany yet. Ask your friends travelling to the USA to bring some.
  • I know, I repeat myself, but I like these salts very much. Especially Carpathian salt and pink rock salt flakes. And the salt chunks for the salt brine! And of course, EM salt. Almost the tastiest (but also the most expensive).
  • This tea or this. Also they have very nice teapots.
  • More rad than soy sauce. That said, much milder and sweeter. Great on stewed vegetables, glass noodle salad, and to top off broths.
  • Rowan Berry Spirit or Vermouth spirit from Organic Distillery. Monarda is great, too! I use it in my gin but it is also beneficial in water.
  • And Seedlip of course! The one with the pea flower.

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