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It is Sunday and I’m listening to the new album of Leonard Cohen, who ups the ante with 82 years. I find it impressive, at this age to be still so at the pulse of the creation, and inspiring anyway, and somehow gently reassuring to know that it is possible. For more about his moving life and also about the struggle for a good song and what connects him with Bob Dylan, read on here. Also worth listening to is this conversation with Adam Cohen, who is not only his son, but has also produced the new album.

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Two weeks ago was the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. What have I loved this day, as well as their wintry counterpart, as a child. The mythical stories and the magical long light, in the North more noticeable than in the South.
Time to look back on the past few weeks and write down the things that were and are good. Quite a lot has happened.

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New month, new things that warm the heart.

For example, my great great girlfriends. Who just do each for herself what is good for them, really good, and who are so incredibly brave. One just took a Sabattical to the other end of the world and probably just holds her tip of the nose into the sun. Because if you have not to work then you can just as well travel the world. Great, right?!
Another girlfriend has decided to have at the peak of her freelance career a second child. Because it feels right, despite work opportunities. And I’m sure she’s right. It will all sort out as it is best and most beautiful.
And again, a third girlfriend has just met the love of her life and does her utmost to bring this man from an unsafe country that functions based on non imaginable rules to Germany, despite official resistance of any kind.
I am so grateful to have these inspiring women in my life, who boldly go their way, individually and strong. And I’m sure you, too, have such friends. Who have faith and the courage and simply do the best in their own wonderful way. And to this we should raise our glass.

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New year, new thoughts, new category.
Things that give pleasure. Cause you know, shared love is more love.

To start a Sunday or Monday or Tuesday with a super-fast facial. In your palm mix 1 tsp coconut oil with 1 tsp sea salt, massage your face with it gently and if you like: leave for 10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water, pat face carefully and enjoy the rosy face looking back in the window.

The decision to stay all day in bed. And to get up only to grab a snack from the kitchen. Or two.

This relaxing music mix, the right to swing on rainy Sundays in sweatpants through the apartment. To grab a snack, for example.

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