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liloucoffee kaffeeliebe specialty coffee


To my all-time favorite drinks and probably stimulants belongs coffee, prepared as Caffè Lungo or Amricnao, such as prolonged espresso.

I have always bin a fan of the Liaison of hot, finely frothed milk and creamy espresso, but it was a longer trip to New York a few years ago which made me fall into deep love with coffee. Never before I had tasted such a homogeneous creaminess in caffé latte, which created a fine and velvety coffee flavor. The awakening moment hit me like lightning at La Colombe in Soho Not only was the coffee being served in beautiful black and white patterned cups, but the taste was of a particular balance between bitter notes, slight acidity and notes of nut, caramel and chocolate. I was so deeply, almost physically, impressed with this Caffe Latte, I afterwards ordered directly another cup and exactly watched the barista while taking on the finger to reveal the secret of good taste. Was it the milk (it was organic full fat milk with 3.5% fat)? Or the bean (it was ‘Nizza’)? And this second cup was just as incredible in taste that it pretty much marked my enthusiasm for topics such as ‘Microfoam’, ‚roast’ and ‚latte art’.

From then on, a Caffe Latte at La Colombe became my reward in the afternoon, when I had taken the wheel all the way from hot Brookyln into the even more humid Manhattan to stop at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or Union Square market to do my mid-weekly shopping.

Just one year later I paid the same location a visit on a trip with great anticipation, only to find that the coffee was still fine and the cups pretty, but the taste just not as impressive. It had probably been a particularly good coffee bean blend in the previous year.

liloucoffee kaffeeliebe specialty coffee

A similarly impressive flavor came across last summer, when for a project I had to go repeatedly to Paderborn, and when we for this very project were urgently looking for a local coffee roaster. The tip for liloucoffee came from my favorite forum for coffee lovers where we asked around for good coffee in or around Paderborn. So when I called up André it was very clear: Liloucoffee we wanted to try.

So shortly after in a parking lot in Paderborn an old VW Bulli met our mobile food trailer, and yet the first cups of coffee that André prepared directly for us had a special, very fine and chocolaty taste. Somehow robust yet elegant taste, fine in black and strong enough with milk. But André convinced us not only with his coffee, but was incredibly kind and helpful. The very next day he supported us spontaneously and with great energy when we were overtaken by an audience with great coffee thirst and hehad only come to drop of our coffee order! Needless to say he stayed for half a day and charmed everybody with his latte art skills.

Back then liloucoffee was just at the beginning and the online shop was not quite finished yet – the more I am delighted that you can now order three different types. One blend is even devoted to Andrés over ninety-years-old grandmother Lilo, who stood with her namesake for liloucoffee.
I´d love to take this opportunity to introduce André Voigt to you as one of my favorite dealers aka 1a dealers:
He is now not only en route with his coffee bike and on behalf of liloucoffee, but also as Head Barista and concept creator of Markt5 Café in Paderborn, which focuses on small factories rather than industrial products and homebakes all cake and bread in its own bakery.




“Good conversations begin with a good coffee.” says André, in that sense six questions to André Voigt:

_ André, what belongs to you for a good cup of coffee?
A little time and no sugar please.

_ What was the main reason to roast your own Coffee?
It’s a great feeling to produce something of their own, and to see how my clients and everyone around me have fun with it.

_ Your coffee is named after your grandmother Lilo. What makes your grandmother?
Pleasure and passion have always been very important to her. And these are the same motives that drive me, too.

_ Have you ever been even to the plantations which produce your coffee beans?
Unfortunately not yet, but a trip to one of the countries of origin is on my list for 2016.

_ Lilou espresso tastes so wonderfully elegant yet robust. What is the secret behind its flavor?
Our Espresso is much lighter roasted, so it´s really stomach friendly yet as a blend with 70% arabica and 30% Robusta a true caffeine bomb and thus strong in flavor.

_ Your favorite flavor combination to coffee?
The classic coffee and homemade cake, most likely New York Cheesecake.

If you want to learn even more about André and liloucoffee: here’s a German video where his heart, joy and conviction for coffee becomes quite clear.

And if you got a direct desire to try liloucoffee: Click here to go to the shop.

liloucoffee kaffeeliebe specialty coffee




Just last week I ordered once again my supply of the fine 70/30 Espresso – and am really happy that André spiced up my order for you with extra coffee and a set of espresso cups that I´d love to give away.

So here comes a fanfare …!! Welcome to the very first 1a Kitchen Give-Away!

The Give-Away consists of two single packages of 70/30 Espresso (beans) and a set of two liloucoffee espresso cups which is accompanying one package. Anyone can join until 23:59 of 5th of August 2015 by commenting which is your favorite flavor combination in conjunction with a coffee.

Participation is open to all readers from Germany and Austria. The decision is final, the prize can not be exchanged for cash. The winner will be determined by an online random number generator. Participation is open to all natural persons who are at least 18 years old. Please leave a valid email address so that I can profit you in the event of contact. Fingers crossed I wish you lots of coffee luck!

UPDATE 08/06/2015

Drum roll, the winners have been announced: Tanja may sip liloucoffee Espresso soon and the even bigger package with the cups extra goes to Eva! Thank you for your participation and have fun with your coffee love. With even more luck you´ll find the coffee already in the mailbox by the weekend.***

 liloucoffee kaffeeliebe specialty coffee

{Images, if not marked differently: © André Voigt}

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