More Self Love – my List for the Every-Day.

gua sha

{enthält unbeauftragte Werbung, da 1a Herzens-Empfehlungen}

Here comes the list for quite practical things to do for body, mind and soul. May it inspire you!

Gua Sha.
Ayurveda to TCM is not far away. I do not remember what I did before this Chinese Gua Sha massage in the morning. My beautiful green jade comes with me on every journey, I’m addicted! I moisten my face with cold water, apply some moisturizer and, if necessary, a splash of squalane oil and use the stone, as explained in this wonderful video. It’s a big hit for neck and jaw tension. And beyond that a wonderful present for girlfriends!

What Yoga hasn’t done for me, Pilates has accomplished: change my body posture and release me from my ever-increasing back pain. Suggested by a new friend I met at the Ayurveda Cure who introduced me to a very different picture of Pilates – not the aerobic gym version that floated in the back of my mind, but a deeply precise, gentle and effective body training that roots in a strong center of the body. Since then, I have been taking private lessons that have changed my life. No exaggeration.
In the first lesson, it was about something as simple as: breathing.

Speaking of breathing, this little app visualizes various breathing techniques. Scientifically based, minimalistically designed, recommended!

Meditation is such a topic that I have been adapting only slowly to in my life. Too often I had the feeling “I can’t do this, I don’t have the time, I can’t find the peace,” etc. Many apps I tried and put them aside frustrated. Until I came across this online course for “busy people with busy lives” and this sentence by founder Emily Flethcer: “Thoughts are not the enemey. Effort is.” And which finally explained to me what the difference ist between mindfulness, visualization and meditation. Since then I’m a fan.
Every morning and every afternoon 20 minutes are me-time. One thing: the course has been upped in price a lot lately (if you are interested in a Family & Friends discount code, feel free to contact me). For graduates there is an awesome moderated private FB group and a monthly Live-Call with Emily Fletcher. However on youtube there is a lot of great free content. For example this Talk on “Why Meditation is the New Caffeine”.

Not only recommended in summer: salt sole.
It helps the body to detoxify and remineralise. I feel much more stable in the warm temperatures, regarding my ciculation. Salt sole stimulates digestion, has a positive effect on the circulatory system, detoxifies the acid-base balance, builds up the entire electrolyte balance and is even suitable for nasal / eye rinsing or for brushing teeth. Simply pour the brine into a glass and cover generously with filtered water. After 2 hours, a solution with 26% salt content is formed. The salt should always be covered with water. I’m taking 1-2 teaspoons in warm water on an empty stomach every morning.

Essential oils.
If you are interested in the culinary it is not far away from scents since aroma molecules make up over 80% of the taste. For some time essential oils accompany me in everyday life and I do not want to miss them anymore. In the evening a single drop of lavender finely rubbed into bed before going to bed and inhaled deeply, in the morning the same with a drop of peppermint, lemon, or frankincense quickly became a wonderful ritual, which is so soothing. Great is also a drop of orange or lemon in your drinking water, however, oil and water do not mix, so it is best stirred more often (or shake up the water bottle), or dissolve the drops in a little honey before which works as emulsifier. Meanwhile, I have various blends for the body, as tooth oil, for foot massages in the evening, as a roll-on on my work desk or in my handbag. I like to do my own mixes, but I also highly recommend this and this ready-made roll-on. Really awesome is also a diffuser set for car rides! What would I have done after too many short nights and a long workshop without this wonderful smell in the car.
Real essential oils are delicate and powerful helpers at the same time, which, when used properly, can have a therapeutic effect. But beware, if you want to experiment, essential oils are powerful and concentrated, not all oils may be used undiluted on the skin and citrus oils are, for example, usually photosensitive. This book has great family and everyday recipes that I highly recommend. But beware, do not confuse with fragrance oils (here is a detailed summary of quality criteria) and buy at the health food store or directly from a traditional manufacturer.

Morning routine.
A word that is often heard in the context of yoga, Ayurveda or meditation, to which I had no connection for a long time. That too has changed the Ayurveda cure for me. Today, my morning routine consists of oil pulling, drinking salt sole, dry body massage, Gua Sha on the face, breathing exercises, meditation with essential oils, coffee and, if I want to be quite luxurious about it, by writing a few pages. At least from Monday to Saturday.
On Sundays, on the other hand, it happens that the day starts with a coffee in bed, and meditation slips into the afternoon. It works really well for me, much better than spending time in my well-being only on weekends, because just before a long day at work, the mental clarity of the meditation has become absolutely necessary for me. Toothbrushing for the brain, so to speak. For many it is not so easy to make some time for yourself in the morning. But I strongly beleive it’s worth it, even if it’s only 5 minutes.

Listen to music.
Very oldschool, but always so healing. Turn it up, on both ears, or open the window.
For example, the new EP by Nils Frahm.
Or this remix of the already wonderful original by José Larralde.
And, to dance on.

Heartfelt greetings, on this super sun autumn sunday!

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