Sustainable and small gift ideas


Do you also like to gift advent calendars? Of course DIY is the most beautiful. If you cannot do that – I’ve picked out my culinary favorites from small producers. This year I have given away the home-made ‘Fresh from the farm’, for which you can choose from all sorts of home made mustard, salt mixtures, spreads, honeys and vinegars. I am already looking forward to this coffee calendar with 24 different single origin beans, which we have ordered for ourselves. Btw if you order by Monday, November 27th, then it will arrive on time for December 1st!

If you are still looking for sustainable gift inspiration for Christmas, then I have something for you.

Discovered via Instagram: the action #shopsmallandhappy by Renna Deluxe. Through the hashtag you can find small producers and labels that mostly design and produce in Germany far away from the mainstream. I immediately discovered a handful of labels that I did not know yet.

My highlights:

_ Tile stickers in terrazzo or with fish.

_ Upcycling deluxe. Wool clothes for babies from second-hand wool sweaters.

_ Beautiful handmade ceramics from Hamburg.

_ Seagrass and rattan furniture with full price transparency.

_ Beautiful stationery and again nice stationery

_ These lampshades!

From the USA, I have brought you the following Coomunity book projects, which have a great purpose as well as great recipes.

The #plasticfreefoodie eZine (Vol 1 – 2017) with 80 vegan recipes (without resorting to the ingredients on plastic packaging) from over 60 inspiring foodies, zero-waste activists, and great marine photographers. All proceeds go to foundations for the conservation of the oceans. Other formats available here.

And a feminist cookbook by wonderful women: ‘Cooking up Trouble – Recipes to Nourish Women’, which has recently been available again. It is beautifully photographed and I’m really looking forward to mine. The proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.

Without many words I recommend these new cookbooks (a longer post follows):

Everything Alison Roman does is just great. Everything my girlfriend Veronika does, too. And thank God my new favorite restaurant has just released a cookbook (unfortunately so far only available in the US, so order fast!).

(* these links are affiliate links, if you buy something about it, I’ll get a mini-commission and I’ll probably buy a cookbook from it.) Better for the rest of the world, is of course, the bookstore around the corner.


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