Rosensalz 1a Kitchen


“Friendship is the salt of life.”

This summer, I learned something big about friendship: that after courage (often) something very beautiful follows. And because I know that sometimes it takes an impulse from the outside, and I’ve experienced it as something so important and warming, I would like to promote this kind of courage to jump over-the-own-shadow.
In the end, the moments we can share with friends (… and with the loved ones and la famille), with people who know us – and who we know – since a long time are so beautiful and important. So if there is someone you would like to contact again since a long time: just do it. Do it! It may be that you both end up after 5, 10, 15 years and not even know where they went.

And then you may have a toast with rosé, or with rosy salt on buttered bread.
For as friendships are the salt of life, the salt is the best friend of vegetables.
Or pasta.

Or buttered bread.

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Drei Kochlöffel Stullenliebe

,How about ‘Stullen’ aka sandwiches, thus what comes on top of them?’ Veronika asked, as we settled the new ‘Kochlöffel aka wooden spoon’ topic.

And that preached to the choir to us. Whether for the lunchbox, a quick slice in between or, as my American friends would say, classy ‘German Abendbrot ‘- our hearts beat for bread and toppings. That can sometimes be just good butter.

But we like a small change on the kitchen table, too. So Homemade sandwich love, or ‘Stullen-Love’ as we say, is our topic for the first meeting this year.

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