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For those who are still looking for a great present for people who like to eat, I have summarized my current favorite list here. And best of all, the bookseller I trust, said that all books ordered by bookstores until Saturday, December 22nd through 17:45, will arrive on the morning of the 24th of December. In larger cities, the order deadline may even work later on Saturday.

Included are books that I brought back from my job travels last year or that have otherwise found their way into my kitchen. I have just noticed that all but a few exceptions are written by women. That makes me immensely happy, because I keep observing that in the food scene, women too often are not seen as to have a professional knowledge of cooking and eating. Clearly it’s time for a reality check!

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gua sha

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Here comes the list for quite practical things to do for body, mind and soul. May it inspire you!

Gua Sha.
Ayurveda to TCM is not far away. I do not remember what I did before this Chinese Gua Sha massage in the morning. My beautiful green jade comes with me on every journey, I’m addicted! I moisten my face with cold water, apply some moisturizer and, if necessary, a splash of squalane oil and use the stone, as explained in this wonderful video. It’s a big hit for neck and jaw tension. And beyond that a wonderful present for girlfriends!

What Yoga hasn’t done for me, Pilates has accomplished: change my body posture and release me from my ever-increasing back pain. Suggested by a new friend I met at the Ayurveda Cure who introduced me to a very different picture of Pilates – not the aerobic gym version that floated in the back of my mind, but a deeply precise, gentle and effective body training that roots in a strong center of the body. Since then, I have been taking private lessons that have changed my life. No exaggeration.
In the first lesson, it was about something as simple as: breathing.

Speaking of breathing, this little app visualizes various breathing techniques. Scientifically based, minimalistically designed, recommended!

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ayurveda cure

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It all started when I did an Ayurveda cure in spring.
The treatment was kind of a Body Reboot, in which I gave my body an attention like never before. I got massages and treatments, looked a lot at the sea many times a day and did a lot of not-doing.
Every day I had an appointment before breakfast with the Indian doctor, who in loose jeans and sneakers inquired after my well-being, body symptoms and my mood. He pushed a small glass of liquid ghee over and measured my blood pressure. For him, I noticed immediately, it was the most common thing that body, mind and feelings belong together and you basically just had to listen to what the body was trying to tell you.
He wanted to know how I felt after the massage treatments, what made me hungry, how my sleep, my digestion, and what my mood was.

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Do you also like to gift advent calendars? Of course DIY is the most beautiful. If you cannot do that – I’ve picked out my culinary favorites from small producers. This year I have given away the home-made ‘Fresh from the farm’, for which you can choose from all sorts of home made mustard, salt mixtures, spreads, honeys and vinegars. I am already looking forward to this coffee calendar with 24 different single origin beans, which we have ordered for ourselves. Btw if you order by Monday, November 27th, then it will arrive on time for December 1st!

If you are still looking for sustainable gift inspiration for Christmas, then I have something for you.

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Rosensalz 1a Kitchen


“Friendship is the salt of life.”

This summer, I learned something big about friendship: that after courage (often) something very beautiful follows. And because I know that sometimes it takes an impulse from the outside, and I’ve experienced it as something so important and warming, I would like to promote this kind of courage to jump over-the-own-shadow.
In the end, the moments we can share with friends (… and with the loved ones and la famille), with people who know us – and who we know – since a long time are so beautiful and important. So if there is someone you would like to contact again since a long time: just do it. Do it! It may be that you both end up after 5, 10, 15 years and not even know where they went.

And then you may have a toast with rosé, or with rosy salt on buttered bread.
For as friendships are the salt of life, the salt is the best friend of vegetables.
Or pasta.

Or buttered bread.

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